Why opening a Startup is not a bad option in college

Abhilash Maurya
4 min readAug 24, 2020

I’m writing this article while sitting idle in corona pandemic. So, yes, article is influenced by that. I’m not going to give any fact or chart sheets, but there are few things that need to be said.

India is a big country in terms of population that gives not just opportunities but curses. Curse is a strong word but if you connect jobs with technology, You’re right there. Technology is killing jobs and people like Elon Musk are already supporting notion of Universal basic income. Universal basic income will be more or less like compensation provided by government for killing your job with technology. But it’s not there right now, that says if you are not that top notch guy whom companies will offer affordable salary then what you are going to do?

There are more than 30 million students pass out from Indian colleges every year looking for job. The number of students who actually get the job is very less, so let’s look at the reasons:

1] Unemployablity: Indian education system is not designed for creativity; it just fills the require information in brain. What companies actually require is the problem-solving ability. If you look at the numbers, you will find that India has more of service sector companies than manufacturing companies. Our brains are designed to perform certain tasks which are already been solved by others.

2] Population: Any country can not generate 30 million jobs every year that’s hard fact but one that can be believed. If you look at the data, the rate at which number of companies are growing with the rate of unemployment is not even comparable, so we are going to have people who are not going to get job.

3] Technology: This is known. Let’s accept the fact there are many industries like tech, medical even research industries now getting slowly handed over to AI why because it does better job. Accept the fact, we are much slower than computers. Future will be killing traditional jobs with rise in highly sophisticated jobs which will require knowledge of advance technologies.

There are more reasons for lesser number of jobs but I consider these to be most affecting ones. So, what should anyone do? People can’t just turn themselves into employable being or train themselves for sophisticated technologies, and population is going to increase!

But there is something that can be done. Imagine education system which doesn’t teaches one to get a job but to create jobs.

Startups are something, I feel every college student at least try for. Startups can be done with anyone with mindset to do something bigger than himself. It surely requires an adrenaline rush but it’s worth it. Startups don’t just give you financial stability but what’s worth is the, independence it provides. You will be the one responsible for your own fate. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. Let’s see why entrepreneurship in college can be the best thing that one can do:

1] YOLO: You might have heard of it. People do a lot of crazy things just by saying YOLO meaning ‘YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE’. Start-ups are very much different from opening a business or just preparing for high paying job. Startups require a lot of risks, a lot of preparations. It will make you do things that you haven’t done before. But it’s worth it.

2] You’re free ( You’re, believe me) : College life is the most free time one can have. You can connect with brilliant people around you like professors and even students. There are no job issues while in college, you have your whole day. Accepting the fact that leaving a job for start-up is certainly not possible but in college you can pursue it.

3] Use college facilities and government support: Every college loves to have great alumni. They will support you with everything they can. You will get access to labs required, connections required even some colleges will also provide financial support. Consider yourself, when you’re graduated, everything will be added up-to the cost. Even a suggestion from anyone may cause you consultation fee.

4] Create jobs: Everyone knows how difficult it is to get into professional world. Establishing your own start-up is even harder, but future is more secured here. You will be creating jobs. You will be responsible for lives, I don’t think there can be more satisfaction in anything else.

Startups and defense forces are most critical requirements of any country. Defense forces safe guard the country from falling apart from external factors, while startups does that internally by providing jobs to people and contributing a huge sum to economy. Both are high risk but the value, they present is what makes them important! If you want to get into startups, then jump right in. There can be no better time than starting a Startup while in college. As Nike says ‘Just do it’. Never leave anything for regrets. I say YODO. You only die once, but you can live everyday by doing something you love.



Abhilash Maurya

I write opinions. Most of them are not based on some science data, I just let my brain take care of the rest.