Theory of being Weird

Have you ever thought of yourself to be a weird person? I mean there must have been conditions where you thought, “okay, that’s weird”. Not that, I mean, Have you ever considered yourself a weird person? The thing is, we never ever are meant to think that. But we do, why?

As an individual, we always project ourselves as a perfect person. We think of the habits that we carry or the way, we do things as an idealist. At least, it all starts with that. We enter the real world. We see people. They see us. They tell you things directly or indirectly. You start judging them. They judge you. BOOM. No more idealist. No more perfectionist.

Weird is the way how we transform from the view of a perfectionist to the ruined weird individual. Weird is the way that the habits or ways that we were cherishing, are no more something that we can be proud of. It’s gone.

It is never done from the outside world. You have never been weird or perfectionist. It’s all that we thought of for ourselves. We do things that give us reasons to be happy. But sometimes, we do so dumb things that we sink our own boats. It’s simple. It’s just people.

Most of the projections that we do for ourselves are compared to someone. Most of the things that an individual does remain the great work for him. Until someone comes by and criticizes that. Then comes the regular part, that great work starts degrading.

Every culture talks about inner stability and that is the key. You’re not a bad person or weird person or whatever that you think of yourself. It’s just, we prioritize others more than ourselves. We challenge our own opinions of happiness with someone else’s sadness. It’s not that any individual is weird or his habits. Weird is how a person thinks of themselves in such ways.




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Abhilash Maurya

Abhilash Maurya

I write opinions. Most of them are not based on some science data, I just let my brain take care of the rest.