Is it the individuality that you’re looking for?

Try google and search the term, it won’t tell you the whole story.

the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.

We all live our lives in manifesting things in such a way that we could get our desires filled in. Is that a bad idea or a way to live life?
That’s where it starts, individualism.

When we enter this world, from there to the place where we are right now, think of things that we have no hand in and are given to us. That starts with the identity that we have like nationality, family name, culture, and maybe even wealth. As we get handed over those things, we get responsibility as well. Next step, we will have to take care of that. What if that becomes a drag in our life?

We spend most of our life just fulfilling such standards and identities handed over to us. That eliminates the time where an individual can actually do something for themselves. It not only limits our present but also the future choices that we wish to work on.

The idea behind individuality is that ‘ Leading life like the whole cosmos is yours. Leading life like nothing was yours.’

Let’s just break down this one by one.

  1. Leading life like the whole cosmos is yours: The basic notion of individuality starts with the assumption and a supposed reality that every individual has the ability to achieve anything. When we say cosmos that opens a whole new world of opportunities. It doesn’t limit us in any way. We see hope towards the future as there’s no resistance. When we assume then only we can make it a reality. We set no limitation or identity on ourselves.
  2. Leading life like nothing was yours: The problem starts when we connect ourselves with so many things and that's when so-called ‘forced responsibility status’ starts to take effect. Assume entering a world, where you had nothing and building from that. Every step that you take will be yours. There will be nothing to carry upon and nothing that can cause resistance. Even a small step will be a source of joy. There will be a curiosity and seek for everything around. Being a sense of beginner gives the ability to explore everything and ruling out nothing.

Individuality has the power to free us from the past and lead us into the future with no negotiations. When we assume that we can have everything or we have everything, then only we can think of ourselves as givers and when we assume that we had nothing then only we can build gratitude in ourselves.

Imagine moving in this world of chaos with the thought process of giving and gratitude. There can always be a sunrise if we start loving the sunsets too. Unless we stop messing ourselves into things that we don’t have any hand in or control to, there will always be a limitation to what we can achieve and feel joy to.