Try google and search the term, it won’t tell you the whole story.

the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.

We all live our lives in manifesting things in such a way that we could get our desires filled in. Is that a bad idea or a way to live life?
That’s where it starts, individualism.

When we enter this world, from there to the place where we are right now, think of things that we have no hand in and are given to…

We think about a lot of things. We believe in a lot of things. We even design our hopes based on our thinking. But do we control our thoughts or it's them?

If it’s them, then who’s them? Let’s explore.

We live our life taking certain decisions at every passing time and that defines the quality of life we lead. We also take help from others in case we are not able to figure it out. But there are few decisions that we take and realize that we could not do anything like that. Then who took that decision? …

Entering the world of startups and developing something that don’t just fill your desires but also what people love and something that gives you positive cash flow makes a product efficient and applicable. I have came up with this approach which probably may allow you to bring out the best of the ideas and let you explore the sides that you might have left untouched. Let’s get into it:

Have you ever thought of yourself to be a weird person? I mean there must have been conditions where you thought, “okay, that’s weird”. Not that, I mean, Have you ever considered yourself a weird person? The thing is, we never ever are meant to think that. But we do, why?

As an individual, we always project ourselves as a perfect person. We think of the habits that we carry or the way, we do things as an idealist. At least, it all starts with that. We enter the real world. We see people. They see us. They tell you…

Future or just Present of Future

Can we predict the future? A question which entangles not just science but also philosophy. Diverse cultures around the world also have their say in it. What do you think?

The universe is mysterious as we know nothing about it. Even developing a scale to measure the properties are not known. We keep on putting our taps on assumptions and try to create revelations hoping some might lead us beyond the chaos and give us the peace of confidence that we’re part of the universe and we understand it. What still gives me hope is the language of mathematics. The…

Look at their smiling faces. Let’s explore their happiness together.

‘Rahul, don’t be a lazy person. Get up and complete the homework. I will give you a chocolate’, Called his mother. Rahul did want to eat that after all its a chocolate and he likes it. But that day, he didn’t wake up. Mother thought maybe, she will have to find another tactic to make him complete his homework.

Now, let's come back to the perspective of Rahul. Rahul wakes up every day, goes to school for a typical 9 AM-3 PM schedule. Then he returns home with a lot…

I’m writing this article while sitting idle in corona pandemic. So, yes, article is influenced by that. I’m not going to give any fact or chart sheets, but there are few things that need to be said.

India is a big country in terms of population that gives not just opportunities but curses. Curse is a strong word but if you connect jobs with technology, You’re right there. Technology is killing jobs and people like Elon Musk are already supporting notion of Universal basic income. Universal basic income will be more or less like compensation provided by government for killing…

India has recently banned the Chinese apps which include major platforms like TikTok and Weibo. It started a debate that why doesn’t India have such companies?

From a young teenager to old ones looking into their mobile phones, everyone seems to have an opinion about it. I have tried to take another approach instead of complaining about this problem, I went deep to find reasons why India lacks entrepreneurs from the societal and educational point of view. Certainly, India doesn’t lack talent. If you look at the big companies like Google, Microsoft, or even government agency NASA. You will find…

Abhilash Maurya

I write opinions. Most of them are not based on some science data, I just let my brain take care of the rest.

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